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Customised Medical Lists
for Global Adventure Travellers
& Holidaymakers

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Dear Mr. Bloggs

Thank you for your enquiry regarding a Customised Medical List from the Travel Doctor.

The list of medicines below has been compiled and based on the information that you supplied to us in the questionnaire. We strongly recommend that you make a printed copy of this page NOW, to keep for future reference.

The list of recommended medicines is quite comprehensive and in some instances you may consider the quantity recommended to be excessive. We have based the quantities recommended on a worst case scenario assuming that certain numbers in your group will fall ill during your trip. You will be aware of many more factors relating to your trip than we are, therefore you can increase or decrease any of the quantities as you consider appropriate.

Furthermore, if you are travelling with an organised tour company or chartering a liveaboard dive vessel, they may already have made arrangements for medical requirements etc. You should check this out with the relevant tour company or travel agent and modify the list accordingly.

You will see that we have listed certain medicines from several different categories e.g. pain killers, antihistamines, antibiotics, etc. but if you have used a particular medicine in the past and would prefer to use it again rather than the one we have suggested, please do so. As long as the medicine you choose falls into the same category it makes no difference.

Please note that some medicines such as those containing codeine or similar compounds are not allowed to be taken into certain countries. Please check with your travel agent or airline etc. prior to departure.

The Travel Doctor Manual has been specially written to aid you in the use of these medicines. Please print off a copy and take it with you on your trip, where it will prove very useful should you need to use any of the medicines listed.

We recommend that your party of 6 male(s) and 0 female(s) travelling to India to take part in a Backpacking/Safari/Long Term trip on 2nd Feb 2012 lasting 15 days should include the following medicines in your medical kit:-

Those medicines which you can obtain directly from your local pharmacy are:-

Choose either Paracetamol or Co-Codamol
Paracetamol 32 x 500mg tablets Option 1
Co-Codamol 32 x 500/8mg tablets Option 2
Ibuprofen 24 x 200mg tablets
Cetirizine 14 x 10mg tablets
Prochlorperazine 12 x 3mg buccal tablets
Loperamide 24 x 2mg capsules/tablets
Domperidone 10 x 10mg tablets
Antacid Tablets 2 x pack(s)
Rehydration Powder 24 x sachets
Balmosa 1 x 40gm cream
Canesten HC 1 x 15gm cream
Glucose Tablets 2 x pack(s)

Those medicines you will need to discuss with your doctor and obtain a private prescription include:-

Amoxycillin 21 x 500mg capsules
Trimethoprim 14 x 200mg tablets
Ciprofloxacin 10 x 250mg tablets
Metronidazole 30 x 400mg tablets
Cicatrin Powder 1 x 15g pack(s)
Chloramphenicol eye 1 x 4g ointment

Please note: Any vaccinations and/or malaria tablets you may require can be determined from the information contained in the relevant pages on the Travel Doctor web site:-

Click here to go to the Table of Vaccinations and Malaria Tablets by Country


Yours faithfully


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